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City of North Bend

City Government

City Utilities and Services

City Hall: Business hours: 8 a.m. to noon, 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

                PO Box 401

                607 Main Street, North Bend, NE 68649

                Ph: 402-652-3584


Mayor: Rod Scott

City Council: President Bart Bosco,

                Ken Streff, Alex Legge, Chuck Krenzer

City Clerk: Theresa Busse

City Code and Ordinances

Zoning Ordinance Click to view PDF

Nebraska Basic Code of Ordinances
Click on underlined title and chapter heads to download PDF copies of the various ordinances.    Titles 1-15 apply to all Nebraska cities of the second class (populations of 801-5,000)    Title 17 is local ordinances that apply specifically to North Bend
Reflecting legislation current through Oct 1, 2022

Title I: General Provisions

Title III: Administration

     30. Elected Officials; Ordinances

     31. Appointed City Officials

     32. Departments, Boards and Commissions

     33. General Provisions

     34. Elections

     35. Finance and Revenue

Title V: Public Works

Title VII: Traffic Code

    70. General Provisions

    71. Traffic Regulations

    72. Parking Regulations

Title IX: General Regulations

     90. Leisure and Recreation

     91. Health and Safety

     92. Public Ways and Property

     93. Animals

Title XI: Business Regulations

     110. Business Licensing

     111. Alcoholic Beverages

     112. Tobacco and Cigarettes

     113. Sales and Advertising

Title XIII: General Offenses

     130. Property Offenses

     131. Offenses Against Public Order

     132. Offenses Against Public Justice and Administration

     133. Offenses Against Public Health and Safety

     134. Offenses Against Public Morals

Title XV: Land Usage

     150. Building Regulations

Parallel References: References to Nebraska Revised Statues

Local Legislation


Adopting Ordinances - This is an annual ordinance passed to make updates in the Nebraska Basic Code 

Title XVII: Local Legislation - updated 2019


     Chapter 171: Administration

          Meetings, Compensation, Police Chief, Police Department, Fire Department, Library Board, Board of Health     

     Chapter 172: Public Works

          Water Department, Sewer Department, Landfill

     Chapter 173: Traffic Code

          Engine Braking, Snow Emergency Routes, UTVs, ATVs


     Chapter 174: General Regulations

          Animals, Public Amusements, Railroad Companies, Fire Prevention, Municipal Swimming Pool, Streets and Sidewalks, Trees, Miscellaneous Fees, Parks and Recreation, Municipal Auditorium, Nuisances 

     Chapter 175: Business Regulations

          General Provisions, Cable Television, Franchises, Peddlers and Hawkers, Street Vendors

     Chapter 176: General Offenses

          Curfew, Sexual Predator Residency Restrictions

     Chapter 177: Land Usage

          General Provisions, Zoning and Subdivisions, Building Moving, Mobile Home Parks, Flood Plain Regulations, Comprehensive Plan

     Parallel References for Title XVII

          References to Nebraska Basic Code, References to Prior Code, References to Ordinances


Police: Dodge County Sheriff's Office 

Electricity: supplied by OPPD

Natural Gas: Black Hills Energy

Phone, TV, Internet: Great Plains Communications

Water and Sewer: City of North Bend

Public Library: 13th and Main streets. Library website.

Everyone on the North Bend water system is asked to fill out the Drinking Water Survey. Click below.

Click above for information on plugging drains to prevent sewage backup in case of a flood or heavy rain.



If you're looking for a particular ordinance or regulation on a certain subject, use the indexes below to point you in the right direction.

Index for Titles I-XV: Nebraska Basic Code

Index for Title XVII: Local Legislation

How to use the index:

Use the first number in the ordinances cited to find the corresponding chapter. For example, to find 134.03, look under Title XIII, chapter 134, and find code 134.03.


All codes are listed. Titles are named using only odd numbers. For example, there is no Title II (2).

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