North Benders get things done. The community has a long history of coming together, organizing and funding projects that benefit everyone and make life more enjoyable. See a sampling of what we can accomplish when we set our minds to it.



Old Settlers is North Bend's annual town celebration held in June featuring carnival rides, games, a car show, lots of food and drink and much more!

Old Setters 2020 will be

June 26-28, 2020


Looking for your own slice of Americana? Want that small town feel and still be close to big city amenities? Want your kids in a great school system? North Bend has plenty to offer, from grand lake houses, rural acreages, to river cabins or lots to build on. Connect with a local realtor, investigate assistance programs for developers and homebuyers and make it happen. 

As a result of the flood, many North Bend businesses have major cleanup and rehab expenses ahead. To make things worse for the bottom line, many of these businesses were closed for a week or more during the flood and its aftermath. The North Bend Chamber of Commerce asks you to support your friends, neighbors and town by shopping and eating at local businesses. Please support North Bend!


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